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Upcoming Events

    • 31 Dec 2025
    • 12:00 PM
    • Online

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Past Events

8 Jun 2024 From Screen to Print: Mastering Colour Fidelity in Digital Media by Dr Les Walkling
13 Apr 2024 "Conversations on Colour and Place" with Dr Natalie O'Connor and Jo Mellor
23 Mar 2024 International Colour Day events from the CSA WA Division and around the world
22 Mar 2024 International Colour Day 2024 event: Phyllis Shillito and her Colour Curriculum 1945-79 (ONLINE ATTENDANCE)
20 Mar 2024 International Colour Day 2024 event: Phyllis Shillito and her Colour Curriculum 1945-79
17 Feb 2024 "Dynamic Colour in Digital Art" with Steve Forster (Long Island Academy of Fine Art, USA)
18 Dec 2023 CSA national Annual General Meeting 2023
18 Dec 2023 CSA NSW Division Annual General Meeting 2023
3 Dec 2023 Jocelyn Maughan on Colour
13 Oct 2023 CSA National Conference 2023 - Additional events
12 Oct 2023 CSA National Conference 2023 Colour Sense and Sensibility
12 Oct 2023 CSA National Conference 2023 REGISTRATION PAGE
17 Sep 2023 "Dyes Ancient and Modern" with Dr Mark Liu
27 Aug 2023 "The Colour Circle at the Bauhaus and Beyond" with Michael Mentler
30 Jul 2023 Creating Colour 2: A Practical Guide for Beginner and Intermediate Painters with Dr Jean Pretorius
1 Jul 2023 CSA NSW gallery visit: Francis Giacco (Australian Galleries) and Kerry McInnis (Wagner Contemporary)
25 Jun 2023 "Objectivity in colour experience and the elusiveness of aesthetic description" with Dr Joaquim Marcelino Santos
25 Apr 2023 "Creating Colour 1: Paint Making" with Ulysses Jackson (Golden Artist Colors Inc., USA)
26 Mar 2023 International Colour Day 2023 event: "Controlled Palettes in Painting" with Tristan Elwell (USA)
21 Mar 2023 CSA WA Division: International Colour Day and National Harmony Day 2023
5 Feb 2023 "Colour in Scientific Imaging and Space” with Dr Balthasar Indermühle
17 Dec 2022 CSA national Annual General Meeting 2022
17 Dec 2022 CSA NSW Division Annual General Meeting 2022
20 Nov 2022 "Making Sense of Ancient Greek Colour Names" with Dr Peter Gainsford (NZ)
5 Nov 2022 CSA WA Division: Colours Speak 2 & End of Year Dinner
2 Oct 2022 CSA NSW webinar: "A Colourful Life" with Linda Jackson AO
20 Aug 2022 CSA WA Division August event: "Back to Basics"
24 Jul 2022 CSA July Webinar: "Teaching (and Learning) Color Theory on Tiktok" with Peter Donahue (USA)
18 Jun 2022 CSA NSW June event: Darlinghurst Gallery Walk
29 May 2022 "Painting Light and Form" with Todd Casey (USA)
25 Mar 2022 Joondalup Festival 2022
20 Mar 2022 CSA International Colour Day 2022 event: Progress in Colour Education
2 Mar 2022 Inter-Society Color Council (USA) webinar with Nick Harkness in conversation with Paula Alessi
23 Jan 2022 CSA WA Annual General Meeting 2021
22 Jan 2022 Seeing the colours of Joondalup
5 Dec 2021 CSA December webinar: "Colours of Light: An Emotive Exploration" with designer Ilan El (Melbourne)
29 Nov 2021 CSA national Annual General Meeting 2021
29 Nov 2021 CSA NSW Division Annual General Meeting 2021
26 Nov 2021 CSA WA end-of-year event: Zoo trip
31 Oct 2021 CSA NSW October webinar: "A Conversation about Colour" with sculptor and painter Ron Robertson-Swann, hosted by artist Aly Indermühle
30 Oct 2021 CSA WA October event: Castaways sculptures at Rockingham foreshore
25 Sep 2021 CSA NSW September webinar "Concerning the Shape of Color" with Marcia R. Cohen, Professor Emerita SCAD Atlanta (USA)
11 Sep 2021 CSA Western Australian Division Meeting: Colour and Music 2
30 Aug 2021 AIC 14th Congress Milan 2021
15 Aug 2021 CSA NSW August webinar: "Light on Painting" with Adrien Lucca (Belgium)
3 Jul 2021 CSA NSW July webinar: "Colour and Composition in Hilma af Klint's Swan Series" with Kristen Tivey
21 May 2021 CSA Western Australian Division: Dwellingup weekend away
22 Apr 2021 CSA NSW April webinar: "Scandinavian Colour Design of Today" with Berit Bergstrom (Berit Colour Talks, Sweden)
21 Mar 2021 CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" SUNDAY ONLY
20 Mar 2021 CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" SATURDAY ONLY
19 Mar 2021 CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" (OVERVIEW PAGE)
19 Mar 2021 CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" FRIDAY ONLY
19 Mar 2021 CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" (video registration)
13 Mar 2021 CSA Western Australian Division Meeting: Colour and Music Part 1
20 Dec 2020 CSA National AGM 2020
6 Dec 2020 CSA NSW December webinar: "The Paint Detective" with architectural paint researcher and consultant Patrick Baty (UK)
29 Nov 2020 CSA NSW Division 2020 AGM
27 Sep 2020 CSA NSW September Webinar: "Colour Notes" with abstract painter Dr Liz Coats
5 Sep 2020 Walking, Looking, Seeing
22 Jul 2020 CSA NSW July Webinar: A Colour Journey Through the Loire Valley with Virginia Handel
14 Jun 2020 CSA NSW June webinar: Paints and Paint Making with Michael Harding
22 Mar 2020 ICD 2020 event: The Routledge Philosophy of Colour Project
19 Feb 2020 Peter Tasker on "Heritage to Contemporary Projects with Murobond Paints"
4 Dec 2019 CSA NSW End-of-Year Event with Karen Haller on The Little Book of Colour.
28 Nov 2019 CSA National and NSW Division 2019 AGMS
3 Nov 2019 CSA NSW event: Encaustic Painting: History and Contemporary Perspectives with Randal Arvilla
11 Aug 2019 CSA NSW event: Aristotle and the Philosophy of Colour Perception with Professor Mohan Matthen
4 Jul 2019 CSA NSW event: Affect, Motion and Light with Christopher Moulder
29 May 2019 CSA NSW event: Leonardo da Vinci on Colour, Light and Vision with Dr David Briggs
23 Mar 2019 CSA NSW event: International Colour Day with Resene Paints
6 Mar 2019 CSA NSW Sydney Design Festival event, Unlocking the Structure of Colour with David Briggs & Annamaria di Cara
12 Feb 2019 CSA NSW event: Newton's red Hering? with Professor Paul Martin
7 Sep 2018 National Conference - Perception & Colour
7 Feb 2018 CSA QLD event: Global Fashion Colour Palettes
9 Sep 2016 Brisbane 2016 - Colour Speak
16 Apr 2016 CSA Southern Division event: Site Visit - Australia Garden Cranbourne
3 Oct 2014 Perth 2014 - Space Time Colour

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