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    • 31 Oct 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Online
    • 47

    The next in the series of free webinars organized and presented by the Colour Society of Australia will be A Conversation about Colour with eminent Australian sculptor, painter and educator Ron Robertson-Swann, hosted by artist and CSA NSW Division Secretary Aly Indermühle. We are very grateful to Aly for organizing and conducting this webinar. Please help us to spread word of this exciting event by sharing our authorized social media posts from the Colour Society of Australia's Facebook and Instagram accounts, or by passing on the following event link to your friends, colleagues and students:

    Ron Robertson-Swann OAM is a highly respected artist and art educator, best known for abstract metal sculptures often painted in bright colours, including Vault (1980), one of the most talked-about artworks in Australian history. In 2002 he was awarded an OAM for his contributions to art education and sculpture in Australia, and he is described as a mentor to numerous artists. Ron's passion for sculpture was influenced by his teachers, who included Lyndon Dadswell, Sir Anthony Caro, Phillip King, Clement Greenberg, and Harry Nicolson.

    Ron Robertson-Swann, Vault (1980)

    In 1969, the inaugural exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, hailed in Australian art history, presented the first comprehensive exhibition of colour field paintings and abstract sculpture, including 74 artworks by 40 artists in Australia. This groundbreaking exhibition launched the career of Ron Robertson-Swann along with a new generation of Australian artists. This webinar conversation for the Colour Society of Australia will focus on Ron's vibrant experiences as an artist, and on the influence of colour on and in his art practice and that of his contemporaries.

    Aly Indermühle's career has spanned multiple elements of film and television production to include 3D animation, artistic creation, sculpture, lighting, texturing and theme park design. She now focuses on sculpture, art installations and digital works in her artistic practice, which encompasses large-scale publicly displayed light art as seen in VIVID Sydney and The Australian Open to smaller more intimate works for the private sphere.

    Upcoming Ron Robertson-Swann exhibition, Australian Galleries Sydney

    This webinar is free but registration is essential and limited to 100 participants worldwide, so early registration is advised. Successful registrants will be notified by reply email and will be sent the link and instructions to join the webinar on the Zoom platform shortly before the event. To receive this email with the Zoom link, the deadline for registration is 24 hours before the event, but please note that some recent webinars have been booked out well over a week in advance.

    This event continues a series of webinars organized and presented free of charge by the Colour Society of Australia NSW Division during the covid-19 crisis. These webinars are free to CSA members and non-members around Australia and the world, but as a reward to our wonderful members we make bookings available to members-only for about a week before we make them available to non-members, to ensure that no member need miss out on a place provided that they register promptly.

    CSA members who only intend to watch the video recording after the event do not need to register to access the recording, which will be freely available to all CSA members on our website shortly after the webinar. 

Past Events

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4 Dec 2019 CSA NSW End-of-Year Event with Karen Haller on The Little Book of Colour.
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3 Nov 2019 CSA NSW event: Encaustic Painting: History and Contemporary Perspectives with Randal Arvilla
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16 Apr 2016 CSA Southern Division event: Site Visit - Australia Garden Cranbourne
3 Oct 2014 Perth 2014 - Space Time Colour

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