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CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" SUNDAY ONLY

  • 21 Mar 2021
  • 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Online (Zoom)


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  • For registrants who are current (2020-21) members of the Colour Society of Australia and who require access to the live presentations and recordings for Sunday March 21 ONLY. Does NOT include CSA membership for 2021-22.
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On behalf of the Colour Society of Australia, the Organising Committee of the CSA National Conference Sydney 2021 would like to invite you to participate in our conference on the theme COLOUR CONNECTIONS . . . . . . . . .

Important dates

First circular and call for abstracts 04 June 2020
Submission deadline for abstracts 25 September 2020
Notification of oral/poster presentation 02 November 2020
Registration opens 08 February 2021
Conference dates 19-21 March 2021


About the conference theme

The theme Colour Connections acknowledges the importance of multidisciplinary approaches to colour in this era of ever-narrowing specialization. Speakers were invited to consider how their own work involving colour may be of interest and of importance in other disciplines, or to critically contrast and perhaps reconcile different specialized approaches to colour within their own discipline. We encouraged participation from designers, artists and other colour practitioners whose work references scientific or philosophical understanding of colour, from colour educators whose teaching programs span the art-science divide, and from scientific, historical and other researchers who believe that their insights about colour have relevance beyond their specialized areas of interest. We thank our speakers for their overwhelmingly generous response and can promise a diverse program discussing colour in relation to philosophy, science, design, abstract and representational painting, art history and theory, and education.

Video Recordings

Video recordings of presentations at the conference will be made available to CSA member and nonmember registrants in due course after the conference.

SCHEDULE: Sunday March 21

Please note that our schedule of speakers set out below may be subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control. All times are AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) UTC+11:00.

Colour Education
10.00 am Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic (Italy), A Study to 100+ Colour Courses for Design Education Taught during 2010-2020
10.30 am Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic (Italy), Observation, Reflection and Collaboration - Colour Design Training Itinerary, a Framework for the Future of Colour Education
11.30 am Craig Kirkwood (UK), We don’t know Jack about Hue – the Colour Knowledge Survey
12.00 pm Maggie Maggio (USA) and Robert Hirschler (Hungary), Update on the ISCC/AIC Joint Color Literacy Project


2.00 pm Juliet Albany (WA), Seeing the Colours of Home - A Primary School Resource Tool for Teachers
2.30 pm Paul Green-Armytage (WA), Colour Clues - A Colour Communication Game (long session),
3.45 pm Eva Fay (NSW), Colour Education from the Shillito Design School, Sydney
4.15 pm Maria João Durão (Portugal), Celebrating the Harmony of Our Identities on the 'International Colour Day'

Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic (Chile), Observation, Reflection and Collaboration - Colour Design Training Itinerary and The Colour Education Website

Most colour educators work in a non-collaborative setting, on a limited budget, and with limited time and resources in the classroom. There is a lack of affordable didactic materials to complement teaching, and of innovative and updated student-centred training methods. In addition, some teachers have access to only limited colour knowledge, much of which is superficial and outdated.

Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic will give two presentations that relate to her doctoral research at the Politecnico di Milano, which proposes the development of a "Colour Design Training Itinerary" (CDTI), as a complete educational framework for the improvement of the teaching and learning of colour in the design discipline. The CDTI framework is being built through consultation, involvement and collaboration with colour teachers from different countries and backgrounds.

Ingrid has been a full-time researcher in the field of colour for more than ten years. She is Assistant Professor in the Design Department of the University of Chile, a Member of the Editorial Board of Color Research & Application, and is active on numerous committees of the AIC, including as President of the Scientific Committee of the AIC2016 Interim Meeting: Colour in Urban Life".

If you teach colour and would like to contribute to Ingrid's Archive of Colour Teaching and Learning Activities by sharing one – or more – of your successful colour exercises, please click here:

Craig Kirkwood (UK),  We don’t know Jack about Hue – the Colour Knowledge Survey

Craig Kirkwood has held senior positions with IBM, National Semiconductor, Roland and the Australian Film and Television School, and was the founder and managing director of Fearless Media, from 1999 to 2011 Australia’s leading Adobe Training Provider with facilities in every Australian capital. In his presentation "We don’t know Jack about Hue", Craig will talk about the Colour Knowledge Survey he designed to help determine the level of understanding of colour in both the general community and those with a professional or academic interest in colour. The survey forms a central pillar of Craig's doctoral research at Cardiff Metropolitan University into the development of a new, open, colour system, Lingua Colour, that aims to better serve the needs of creative professionals and educators working across both digital and ‘real-world’ physical media. Please read about Craig's project and take the survey at

Maggie Maggio (USA) and Robert Hirschler (Hungary), Colour Literacy Project Stage 2

The long-term goal of the ISCC/AIC Color Literacy Project (CLP) is to provide an online color resource center with foundational educational material for teachers from kindergarten to university. This inter-disciplinary project was approved by the US Inter-Society Color Council in the summer of 2019, and by the International Colour Association in January of 2020. The first phase, including research into existing materials and resources and identification of core topics for color education at all levels, concluded in 2020.

The goal of Phase Two of the CLP, launched in January of this year, is to engage teachers in the process of evaluating new and existing materials for the future resource center. Chair and Co-chair of the CLP, Maggie Maggio and Robert Hirschler, will describe in their presentation the planning process for the first CLP professional development courses to be held later this year. Robert also chairs the AIC Study Group on Colour Education (with Maggie as Co-chair), and both have many decades of experience in colour education and in diverse aspects of colour design, colour science and colour technology.

Juliet Albany (WA), Seeing the Colours of Home

Juliet Albany worked as a teacher in remote Western Australia and Manus Island before completing a Design Degree at Curtin University and graduating to practice as an Urban Designer / Town Planner for nearly 20 years, working with both State and local governments, and the City of Perth. She ran ‘Townscape’, a State program assisting with regional towns' regeneration throughout Western Australia.

Juliet's presentation "Seeing the Colours of Home" argues that seeing might be taught to give young people, particularly at primary level, confidence and understanding of their home territory. Since 2019 Juliet has been developing her idea for primary school education in presentations to the CSA Western Australian Division. This work arose from her paper "Between Glare and Abysmal Dark" presented at the 2009 AIC Congress in Sydney.

Paul Green-Armytage (WA), Colour Clues - A Colour Communication Game

Dr Paul Green-Armytage is an Associate of Curtin University in Western Australia, where he taught in the School of Design. He served as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Colour Association (AIC) and as President of the Colour Society of Australia. He retired from teaching at Curtin in 2006 but remains active as a researcher and writer, and has contributed papers at many national and international conferences. He is currently a member of the ISCC/AIC Colour Literacy Project, and at "Colour Connections" he will be conducting a colour naming game he developed with CLP Chair Maggie Maggio called "Colour Clues".

"Colour Clues" is a game, but more than a game. It is an exercise in looking, seeing, thinking and communicating. It is also a means of collecting information about the way we use words to describe colours. It was inspired, in part, by "The Colours of Babel", a card game devised by Dimitris Mylonas. The game is played by teams of two in partnership, and in competition with other partnerships. The winning partnership will be the one that has greatest success in communicating what colours are meant by the clues that each partner gives to the other.

Eva Fay (NSW), Colour Education from the Shillito Design School, Sydney

Eva Fay has taught colour and design in Sydney since 1979 at various TAFE colleges, the University of Sydney, UTS, and the School of Colour and Design, which she co-founded in 1983. She is a founding member of the Colour Society of Australia and was awarded Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia in 2012. Lately Eva has been experimenting with colour and atmosphere in painting and exhibits regularly.

In her presentation "Colour Education from The Shillito Design School, Sydney", Eva will present and describe the development and theory of colour exercises and projects that she produced as a student at the highly influential Shillito Design School in Sydney in 1976-1977. Phyllis Shillito’s eclectic curriculum borrowed progressive ideas from design schools in Ulm, Munich, Stockholm and Paris as well as from art educators H. Barrett Carpenter (UK) and Maitland Graves (USA).

Maria João Durão (Portugal), Celebrating the Harmony of Our Identities on the 'International Colour Day'

As President of the Portuguese Color Association, Maria João presented the idea of an international day of colour to our parent body the International Colour Association (AIC) for approval at the 11th AIC Congress in 2009, hosted by the Colour Society of Australia in Sydney. The congress settled on the date of March 21 for the celebration: the equinox when night and day are equal, symbolically relating to the complementary nature of light and darkness. Our national conference "Colour Connections" is timed to conclude on International Colour Day, and will be our celebration of the event for this year. Out of the 28 AIC regular members, 23 have celebrated ICD at least once, and a list of AIC ICD events for 2021 from around the world can be found on the AIC website at

Dr Maria João Durão has been a Professor at the Lisbon School of Architecture, Universidade de Lisboa since 2001. She founded, directed and lectured in the world pioneer Masters Degree Course (MPhil) "Colour in Architecture" (FAUTL); she founded "Colour Lab-FA" and has directed it since 2004, supervising national and international masters, doctoral and post-doctoral projects. She has directed the “Research Group Colour and Light” (CIAUD/School of Architecture) since 2016, and founded and presided over the Portuguese Colour Association and is its Honorary President. She is scientific Council member of the Design Doctoral Degree Course (FAUL), Doctoral Course in Architecture lecturer (FAUL) and Masters in BES (University Salford). Her art work has been exhibited since 1989 in England, France, Japan, and Portugal and belongs to public and private collections. Her publications span the areas of art, design, terrestrial and aerospace architecture.

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