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CSA NSW April webinar: "Scandinavian Colour Design of Today" with Berit Bergstrom (Berit Colour Talks, Sweden)

  • 22 Apr 2021
  • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Online
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The Colour Society of Australia is greatly honoured to have renowned Swedish colour consultant and educator Berit Bergstrom speaking for us in the next of the series of free webinars hosted by our NSW Division. Berit is a former President of the International Colour Association (AIC), of which the CSA is the Australian member body, and was for many years chairperson of the AIC Study Group on Colour Education.

David Briggs,
President and NSW Divisional Chair,
Colour Society of Australia

A colour palette inspired by simplicity, symmetry, elegance, nature, pale colours, open spaces and maximum use of light.

"The most important factors for choosing colours within Scandinavian Colour Design seem to be the light, the space, and the colours of nature. The light has had big influences on our colour choices since we have such a short period of summer season. Our Nordic light is not that strong. It is more gentle than in the south and we don’t need to protect us against the light. We welcome the light with big windows and open doors. We love the open spaces.

The individual's perception of what is ugly or beautiful is based on experiences gained over many years. One learns to see, understand, and appreciate the colours in nature in all their variations and one gets used to the fact that interiors and exteriors usually have certain types of colours. Nature is an important reference to which colours we appreciate most. New impressions are interpreted and evaluated against the background of the references which we already have. What one recognizes and can interpret is usually perceived as beautiful. Anything which is difficult to interpret, on the other hand, may be perceived as ugly - or sometimes as exciting.

Internationally Scandinavian Colour Design has always been synonymous with tasteful minimalism, ash blond furniture, and lots of whitish colours, light, blond interiors. This presentation will give an overview of the milestones in the design history which has and still inspires our colour design of today." - Berit Bergstrom

Berit Bergström is a Colour Consultant /Senior Lecturer working in her own business, Berit ColourTalks, since 2016. She has been employed by NCS Colour AB from 1990 to 2016. She was the Managing Director for Colour Academy between 1991 and 2012. NCS Colour Academy organises and develops colour courses in colour theory & colour design, for professionals. Mrs Bergström has a lengthy experience giving colour courses and presentations worldwide in NCS on a very high level. She has carried out colour design courses for countless colour professionals and has conducted colour studies at university level worldwide. She has also carried out colour research projects, one of which with the purpose to inform professional colourists about useful results from Swedish colour research work. This was published in a booklet, "Colour Choices – A practitioner’s guide to colour scheming and design", in Swedish and English. She was the secretary of the Colour Science Foundation (1991-1997) with the task to grant funds for different colour research projects within the field of colour. Mrs Bergström is a member of the AIC Executive Committee, now as an Auditor and former President of AIC 2010 to 2013. She was the chairperson of the AIC Study Group on Colour Education between 1998 and 2009. She has been the secretary of the Swedish Colour Centre Foundation since 1991.

This webinar is free but registration is essential and limited to 100 participants worldwide, so early registration is advised. Successful registrants will be notified by reply email and will be sent the link and instructions to join the webinar on the Zoom platform shortly before the event. To receive this email with the Zoom link, the deadline for registration is 24 hours before the event.

This event continues a series of webinars presented free of charge by the Colour Society of Australia NSW Division during the covid-19 crisis. These webinars are open to CSA members and non-members around Australia and the world, but as a reward to our wonderful members we make bookings available to members-only for about a week before we make them available publicly, to ensure that no member need miss out on a place provided that they register promptly. (In addition, members have exclusive access to our growing archive of video recordings, lecture slides and other resources from earlier CSA presentations in the Member's Area of the CSA website}. Registration is now open for non-members as well as members.

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