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"Colour in Scientific Imaging and Space” with Dr Balthasar Indermühle

  • 5 Feb 2023
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom


  • Registration for CSA Members, opens January 9

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Detecting the onset of sway in a high-rise building in central Sydney caused by an earthquake several thousand kilometres away.  Image credit: Dr Balthasar Indermühle for the Lumière building monitoring project.

The next in the series of free webinars organized and presented by the NSW Division of the Colour Society of Australia will be given on Sunday Feb 5 at 11.00 am AEDT by Dr Balthasar Indermühle, Senior Experimental Scientist, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, who will discuss "Colour in Scientific Imaging and Space". Please help us to spread word of this exciting event by sharing our authorized social media posts from the Colour Society of Australia's Facebook and Instagram accounts, or by passing on the following event link to your friends, colleagues and students:

2-dimensional histogram illustrating the density of air traffic over a month's time in an area under consideration for the new Deep Synoptic Array DSA2000 telescope that will be susceptible to interference caused by aircraft. Image credit: Dr Balthasar Indermühle for the DSA2000 project, California Institute of Technology / Caltech.

Colour plays an essential role in scientific visualisations and imaging, often adding an additional dimension when conveying the meaning of data. In this webinar, I will present a visual journey through a wide variety of scientific plots and illustrations, highlighting some of the challenges and opportunities arising from using colour in exciting ways while placing a small but not insignificant emphasis on astronomy. The tools commonly used by scientists to visualise their data offer almost infinite freedom of expression, leading to some genuinely fantastic imagery conveying complex concepts in easy-to-interpret ways. But, conversely, this freedom also leads to some terribly overloaded graphs, using colour in all the wrong ways. Together we will explore some of the most exciting and egregious examples I have encountered in my 20 years as a scientist. - Balthasar Indermühle

Dr. Balthasar Indermühle

Dr. Balthasar Indermühle was born and raised in Switzerland and moved to Australia in 2005 to complete his Ph.D. in astrophysics at UNSW. Since 2007, he has worked with the CSIRO as an Astrophysicist. He’s building new instruments for radio telescopes, represents Australian radio astronomy at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to protect radio spectrum essential for research, and helps enable new science with future telescopes such as the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). He’s also the director at Inside Systems Pty Ltd, offering his varied skill set in projects undertaken for universities and government research clients worldwide, including NASA and the German Space Agency (DLR). He finds purpose in the science his work enables and continues to be mesmerised by the beauty and complexity of nature his work helps explain.

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) image of M74/NGC628, a spiral galaxy 32 million light years away. The data taken with the near-infrared NIRcam and mid-infrared MIRI instruments is shown in a false colour image to highlight information of interest such as cooler (i.e. old) stars, and dust not seen in images taken at other wavelengths. Image credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI; Processing Copyright: Robert Eder

This webinar is free but registration is essential and limited to 100 participants worldwide, so early registration is advised. Successful registrants will be notified by reply email and will be sent the link and instructions to join the webinar on the Zoom platform shortly before the event. To receive this email with the Zoom link, you must register by the deadline of midnight AEDT on Friday February 3rd, but please note that this webinar may be booked out in advance of that date.

This event continues a series of webinars organized and presented free of charge by the Colour Society of Australia NSW Division. These webinars are free to CSA members and non-members around Australia and the world, but as usual registration for nonmembers opens one week after registration for members. 

If you do not plan to attend our webinar live, please do not register for this event, as it is subject to a limit of 100 registrants. Instead, if you'd like to view a recording of the webinar, please email by February 3rd to be sent a temporary link when this becomes available.

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