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International Colour Day

This recent international development was initiated by member countries of the International Association of Colour and is held on 21 March.

"The 21st March was adopted by the AIC to celebrate the “International Colour Day” since around the equinox (aequi-equi+nox-night) the sun shines directly on the equator, and consequently, day and night have an approximate length all over the Earth."
- Dr Maria Joao Durao, member of the AIC Executive Committee and co-ordinator of ICD.

This annual event promotes colour awareness in several world locations on the same day. Member countries are encouraged to organise community events to celebrate ‘colour’. These events have proved to be exciting, fun and successful.

Please get in touch with your state's team to find out information regarding the next International Colour Day by navigating to the 'Events' tab and then by choosing your state.

See how the AIC celebrated ICD this year by clicking here.

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