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Upcoming Events

    • 29 May 2022
    • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Online
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    The next in the series of free webinars organized and presented by the Colour Society of Australia will be a presentation by acclaimed American still-life painter Todd Casey. Please help us to spread word of this exciting event by sharing our authorized social media posts from the Colour Society of Australia's Facebook and Instagram accounts, or by passing on the following event link to your friends, colleagues and students:

    "Light reveals all the colors that we observe. Just as value and color are intertwined, so are light and color. The challenge you face when painting is to observe light’s interaction with a material and to recreate this same effect with paint on a canvas. Pigments are our way to symbolize and represent light and color. This turns out to be rather difficult to do—as you know if you’ve ever tried to paint a fleeting moment like a sunset.

    Some artists respond to what they see optically, meaning they look only for the abstract shapes of color they visually experience. They don’t examine what causes those shapes of color. This is how the Impressionists worked. They were interested in capturing the fleeting moment and the beautiful color of light. Other artists combine this optical approach with a conceptualization of what is occurring between the light, the object, and their eyes and brain. This additional understanding of light can help you when making decisions. Science and art coexist".

    - Todd Casey, The Oil Painters Color Handbook (2022).

    In this presentation Todd Casey will talk about his approach to painting that is centered around conceptualizing light and color to give the optical illusion of form. He will show how he creates a painting from start to finish and how light and color are the main factors for his decision making.

    Todd M. Casey is an award winning painter, teacher, and the author of The Art of Still Life (2020) and the The Oil Painters Color Handbook, to be published later this year. He is mostly known for his still life paintings in the contemporary realism genre. While his work is classically styled, it is progressive in approach. Every painting has a tale to tell, brewed from a deep well of introspective thought. His paintings have been honored with awards several times in recent years. Most recently, he won first place four times at the Portrait Society of America’s Members Only Competition, and a Gold Medal from both the Allied Artists of America and the Hudson Valley Art Association. His work can be found in collections throughout the world. He is represented by Rehs Contemporary Galleries in New York City, NY. When not painting, writing, or illustrating, Todd teaches classes for the Massachusetts College of Art and The Academy of Art University Online, The Art Students League of New York, and through private online classes and workshops. Find out more about Todd on his website at

    Todd M. Casey, The Entomologist, 2018

    This webinar is free but registration is essential and limited to 100 participants worldwide, so early registration is advised. Successful registrants will be notified by reply email and will be sent the link and instructions to join the webinar on the Zoom platform shortly before the event. To receive this email with the Zoom link, you must register by the deadline of midnight AEST on Friday May 27th, but please note that some recent webinars have been booked out well over a week in advance.

    This event continues a series of webinars organized and presented free of charge by the Colour Society of Australia NSW Division. These webinars are free to CSA members and non-members around Australia and the world, but as a reward to our members we make bookings available to members-only for about a week before they are open to non-members, to ensure that no member need miss out on a place provided that they register promptly, and we also make all our webinar recordings permanently available to CSA members. CSA membership is open to all at

    If you do not plan to attend our webinar live, please do not register for this event, as it is subject to a limit of 100 registrants. Instead, if you'd like to view a recording of the webinar, please email by May 27th to be sent a temporary link when this becomes available. 

Past Events

20 Mar 2022 CSA International Colour Day 2022 event: Progress in Colour Education
5 Dec 2021 CSA December webinar: "Colours of Light: An Emotive Exploration" with designer Ilan El (Melbourne)
29 Nov 2021 CSA national Annual General Meeting 2021
29 Nov 2021 CSA NSW Division Annual General Meeting 2021
31 Oct 2021 CSA NSW October webinar: "A Conversation about Colour" with sculptor and painter Ron Robertson-Swann, hosted by artist Aly Indermühle
25 Sep 2021 CSA NSW September webinar "Concerning the Shape of Color" with Marcia R. Cohen, Professor Emerita SCAD Atlanta (USA)
15 Aug 2021 CSA NSW August webinar: "Light on Painting" with Adrien Lucca (Belgium)
3 Jul 2021 CSA NSW July webinar: "Colour and Composition in Hilma af Klint's Swan Series" with Kristen Tivey
22 Apr 2021 CSA NSW April webinar: "Scandinavian Colour Design of Today" with Berit Bergstrom (Berit Colour Talks, Sweden)
21 Mar 2021 CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" SUNDAY ONLY
20 Mar 2021 CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" SATURDAY ONLY
19 Mar 2021 CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" (OVERVIEW PAGE)
19 Mar 2021 CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" FRIDAY ONLY
19 Mar 2021 CSA National Conference "Colour Connections" (video registration)
20 Dec 2020 CSA National AGM 2020
6 Dec 2020 CSA NSW December webinar: "The Paint Detective" with architectural paint researcher and consultant Patrick Baty (UK)
29 Nov 2020 CSA NSW Division 2020 AGM
27 Sep 2020 CSA NSW September Webinar: "Colour Notes" with abstract painter Dr Liz Coats
22 Jul 2020 CSA NSW July Webinar: A Colour Journey Through the Loire Valley with Virginia Handel
14 Jun 2020 CSA NSW June webinar: Paints and Paint Making with Michael Harding
22 Mar 2020 ICD 2020 event: The Routledge Philosophy of Colour Project
19 Feb 2020 Peter Tasker on "Heritage to Contemporary Projects with Murobond Paints"
4 Dec 2019 CSA NSW End-of-Year Event with Karen Haller on The Little Book of Colour.
28 Nov 2019 CSA National and NSW Division 2019 AGMS
3 Nov 2019 CSA NSW event: Encaustic Painting: History and Contemporary Perspectives with Randal Arvilla
11 Aug 2019 CSA NSW event: Aristotle and the Philosophy of Colour Perception with Professor Mohan Matthen
4 Jul 2019 CSA NSW event: Affect, Motion and Light with Christopher Moulder
29 May 2019 CSA NSW event: Leonardo da Vinci on Colour, Light and Vision with Dr David Briggs
23 Mar 2019 CSA NSW event: International Colour Day with Resene Paints
6 Mar 2019 CSA NSW Sydney Design Festival event, Unlocking the Structure of Colour with David Briggs & Annamaria di Cara
12 Feb 2019 CSA NSW event: Newton's red Hering? with Professor Paul Martin

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